Creative Craft Kits

STEAM-based arts and craft kits for children ages 7 - 12

The kits are THEME BASED, fun and functional, with STEAM super-skills

[Science . Technology . Engineering . Art . Maths].

Each kit is designed to improve developmental and problem-solving skills.

Creative Craft Kits contain activities from an art piece, toy or functional décor that your child will have proudly created! There are levels of difficulty which will determine if your child will require assistance with the task or if they can create it on their own!

The physical Gross Motor and Fine Motor skills, Midline Crossing skills, Bilateral Integration and Hand-Eye Co-ordination are some of the developmental abilities our variety of Kits assist in enhancing.

Crafting equips children with a skillset which including Concentration, Self-regulation and Sensory Awareness, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Planning and Organizational skills.

so much FUN and very REWARDING!

Creative Craft Kits ...




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